What if Professional Teachers Were Treated the Same as Professional Athletes

Comedy Central’s Key & Peele explore this idea with exciting results.

Watch Boyd Maxwell and Perry Schmidt report on the latest developments in the exciting world of professional teaching.

Hope you enjoyed the show!  We can only dream…….

Key & Peele Teaching Center on You Tube at  https://youtu.be/dkHqPFbxmOU

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35 Habits That Make Employees Extremely Valuable

Every employer wants employees who contribute to the overall success of the company. Here’s how the best bring long-term ROI.

An employee doesn’t have to be a top salesperson to bring exponential value to a company. Amazing employees stand out from the crowd in many other ways. Simply put, their contribution far outweighs their cost, regardless of their expense.

Many employers today are willing to pay top dollar for the right people, but often they wouldn’t recognize those “A” players, because they aren’t looking for the right traits or they are too self-absorbed to know a good thing when they have it. Well, here is a list of traits that can easily be observed for solid company ROI.

If you are an employee, strive to make each of these a habit. If you are an employer, appreciate and reward the behavior. Continue reading

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School Makerspaces: Building the Buzz

If you build it, will they come? Just because you create a makerspace (PDF) in your school doesn’t guarantee that your community will embrace it. Students who have had all personal choice removed by traditional educational models can be passive and feel overwhelmed when faced with real-world problems or design challenges. Academic passivity is common in schools where students swallow content and regurgitate it on multiple-choice tests. Students simply want to know how to get the “A.” This type of learning does not stick.

Teachers may find the role of facilitator (or “guide on the side”) uncomfortable if they are used to being the “sage on the stage.” New technology in these spaces may be intimidating. Teachers need encouragement and professional development to change their mindsets and become facilitators of learning.

How do you change your culture and ensure that your shiny new makerspace will empower students to acquire 21st-century skills? How do you change the culture of student apathy to encourage a mindset of doing? Follow these steps and design tips to build a culture of making and active learning.  Continue reading

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Update on ESEA Reauthorization: Every Child Achieves Act

On July 16, the Senate approved the Every Child Achieves Act with a vote of 81-17. The Senate sent a strong signal today that teachers and students should have access to the the technology, including digital content and open educational resources, required to help learners meet states rigorous college and career ready standards.

Below is additional information related to the Every Child Achieves Act including details on amendments and next steps in the process. Continue reading

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Early Introduction Can Encourage More Women to Join STEM Fields

Maybe you recall the Verizon commercial that follows a young girl as she’s growing up.  Samantha takes a keen interest in activities like wading in a stream and building a rocket ship; activities that explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

Yet she’s discouraged from pursuing those interests by the folks around her with comments like “Why don’t you hand that to your brother” or “Don’t get your dress dirty.” It concludes with a thoughtful question: Isn’t it time we told her she’s pretty brilliant, too? Continue reading

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7 Tenets of Creative Thinking

In school, we learn about geniuses and their ideas, but how did they get those ideas? What are the mental processes, attitudes, work habits, behaviors, and beliefs that enable creative geniuses to view the same things as the rest of us, yet see something different?

The following are seven principles that I’ve learned during my lifetime of work in the field of creative thinking — things that I wish I’d been taught as a student. Continue reading

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iNACOL Releases Blended Learning Report

Blending Learning: The Evolution of Online and Face-to-Face Education from 2008–2015

In 2008, iNACOL produced a series of papers documenting promising practices identified throughout the field of K–12 online learning. Since then, we have witnessed a tremendous acceleration of transformative policy and practice driving personalized learning in the K–12 education space. State, district, school, and classroom leaders recognize that the ultimate potential for blended and online learning lies in the opportunity to transform the education system and enable higher levels of learning through competency-based approaches.

iNACOL’s core work adds significant value to the field by providing a powerful practitioner voice in policy advocacy, communications, and in the creation of resources and best practices to enable transformational change in K–12 education.

We worked with leaders throughout the field to update these resources for a new generation of pioneers working towards the creation of student-centered learning environments. Continue reading

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