Here are 17 ways to ruin Thanksgiving with Technology

Happy Thanksgiving from the Office of Educational Technology

tech-givingThis weekend marks the start of the holiday sprint. The coming weeks will be chockfull of gatherings with friends and family, involving copious amounts of food, booze, and the mixed warmth and tension of togetherness. And because we now live in the near-future, these gatherings will inevitable involve the trappings of technology. Now it won’t be your drunk uncle ruining Thanksgiving with a rant about women-these-days, it’ll be your uncle ruining the day by drunkenly flying a drone into Grandma.

Here are the myriad ways technology may disrupt the festivities this year. Continue reading

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SpeakUp Now to Move Education Forward

Students, Teachers, Administrators, Parents, Community Members

logo_clearbackground We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Speak Up America, which will take place from December 7th to December 11th. This week long celebration of Speak Up participants features National Speak Up Day (December 9th), preliminary data snapshots, opportunities to win class/school grants and free conference registrations, and more.

Surveys are open until December 18! Help us drive the conversation and more education forward. Speakup! Now!


SpeakUp America  Week of December 7 – 11.

National SpeakUp Day December 9

Participation Map

New Hampshire SpeakUp page  

Pass the information around your school and local communities and encourage participation.

If you register your District to participate, your data will come back to you.


Happy Thanksgiving from the Office of Eduational Technology

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How do you effectively use tech tools to facilitate learning & engagement within your district?

Need a last minute classroom activity before Thanksgiving break? Take the #SpeakUpsurvey! Lesson plans available @

Share your perspective in the Speak Up 2015 survey, and help paint a picture of what’s really required to effectively use technology tools to facilitate learning and engagement within your district.

The New Hampshire Department of Education is encouraging all schools and districts to participate in the annual Speak Up Research Project, which provides participating schools, districts and non-profit organizations with a suite of online surveys and reports to collect authentic feedback from stakeholders on important education issues.

The survey should only take about 15 minutes to complete, and will focus on your professional experiences as a district or community leader.  Surveys are different for each stakeholder group, so please let your voice be heard.  Students, Parents, Educators, Community, all are important and all are encouraged to SpeakUp!

Take the survey today and add your ideas to our state data results!

Register your district and promote it in your schools.

The survey results, will remain confidential, and a summary of the findings will be shared with national and state policy makers. Additionally by getting your district involved, you too will receive free online access to your participant data. This valuable benchmarking resource will be made available to you in February 2016 and will include the national and state data for comparison.

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Registration Open for OPEN NH Winter 2016 Session in February

Winter 2016 Session Online Course Session Dates: February 3 – March 22

Register for courses early and save $10.00. Early Bird Special offer ends on January 19, 2016.

View the Session Schedules on the OPEN NH website.
View the Course Descriptions and syllabi on the OPEN NH website.

Register for Winter 2016 Session Now!

The following courses are Scheduled to RUN:

BP-06 School Policies for 21st Century Learning
BP-07 Using an Online Professional Learning Community to Support Teacher Leadership Development
CE-05 Developing Competencies for Standards-Based Instruction
CE-10 Game-Based Learning
CE-12 Implementing Digital Learning in Your School or District
EC-01 Creating a Language Rich Environment
IE-01 Project Based Approaches
IE-07 Educational Leadership in the 21st Century
LT-06 ESOL Literacy Development 1 – Reading
LT-09 Literacy Coaching for the 21st Century

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Here is an excellent Google Drive Tool for Creating Rubrics

OrangeSlice:Teacher Rubric is an interesting Google Docs add-on to use for creating rubric selections and converting the Analysis or Holistic rubric into a percentage or points grade. This app, according to its developer, comes to fill in the grading deficiency in Google Classroom and Docs. As he stated, ‘Google docs and Classroom are fantastic applications to create, distribute and receive submitted assignments from students.  However, the grading process seems to bring the efficiency to a screeching halt.   Where can the grade be placed so it stands out from the assignment?  How can rubric selections be made easily?  I like rubrics but the final grade can be tedious to calculate.  It takes too many highlights, clicks and time to format grades on 125 submissions.’

The strength of Teacher Rubric is that it makes grading super easy for teachers  by ‘eliminating repetitive clicks, presenting the rubric selections in an easy to use format and presenting the final grades in a consistent, professional format.  More time is created for the teacher to provide the needed constructive feedback their students need for success.’

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Free Presentation for Parents – Cyberbullying, Sexting, & Unwise Social Networking: The Role of Parents

This year at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference Sameer Hinduja is a keynote. He is also giving a free parent evening,  Monday Evening – November 30 – 6:30 to-8:30

Sameer HindujaDr. Sameer Hinduja is a Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University and Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center. He is recognized internationally for his groundbreaking work on the subjects of cyberbullying and safe social networking, concerns that have paralleled the exponential growth in online communication by young people.

Cyberbullying, Sexting, & Unwise Social Networking:  The Role of Parents

Sameer Hinduja

Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center

Monday Evening – November 30 – 6:30 to-8:30

PLEASE RSVP for this FREE event at by Friday, November 20 Continue reading

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The Six Hats a Personalized Learning Leader Needs to Wear

6 hatsSummit Public Schools CEO Diane Tavenner has been described as transformative, innovative, and entrepreneurial—apropos for the founder of a pioneering network of charter schools that combine teacher-led instruction and self-paced student learning online.

Summit piloted its first blended learning initiative in 2011, ancient history in the world of edtech. Four years later, Tavenner says she no longer uses the term ‘blended learning.’ “I prefer to say ‘personalized learning,'” she explains. “Blended learning is a pretty basic thing, but personalized learning is what we’re all driving for.”

Success is certainly what Tavenner is driving for, and achieving. Since launching its flagship school in 2003, Summit has graduated more than 1700 students, 100% of whom meet or exceed 4-year college entrance requirements. It’s not just students whose lives are being transformed; the charter management organization has trained an estimated 400 teachers as personalized learning leaders.

Before founding Summit, Tavenner spent a decade as a public school teacher and administrator; she now serves as Board Chair of the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA). Given her deep bench of experience, we sat down to ask her our questions about what it takes to be a blended—and personalized—learning leader.  Continue reading

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