Leadership in a Competency-Based System

posted May 18, 2013 by Bill Zima on CompetencyWorks

http://www.competencyworks.org/2013/05/leadership-in-a-competency-based-system/At what point did leading a school through a continuous improvement process become so confusing? In my educational leadership classes, I spent a great deal of time focusing on what leadership is and developing a philosophy that would guide me. I thought I had it all figured out. I learned the difference between first order and second order change. I was told to have a vision, communicate it regularly, and work to make it a reality. I also needed to remember that I would be leading people and not machines. They will no longer respond to top-down dictates. If you want to make lasting change to improve education, you must include people in the conversation so they can weigh-in before they buy-in. The visual model I use has four lenses that need to be aligned so when I make a decision I am sure it passes through to continuously focus me on the work of leading reform.

  • Lens 1: Building a Leadership Team.
  • Lens 2: Action Planning.
  • Lens 3: Meeting Facilitation.
  • Lens 4: Culture.

Read the entire article on CompetencyWorks at http://www.competencyworks.org/2013/05/leadership-in-a-competency-based-system/  

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