Zen and the Art of Digital Literacies

The arena of digital literacy is a confusing, contested place. There are multiple definitions of the term; (supposed) ‘authorities’ on the subject express diametrically opposing views; and there exist almost as many frameworks for developing digital literacy as there are researchers in the field. The purpose of what follows is to try and clear a way through some of the weeds inherent in the ‘field’.

What we need to remember is that technology is designed by people. It is created by an individual or group of people for a particular purpose. We, too, need to decide what our response is going to be to that technology. This could be to reject the technology completely, or it could be to design new workflows and behaviours because of it. The important thing is to have a clear response based on a co-constructed definition. I hope that that the ‘eight essential elements’ framework enables this to happen.

Read the entire article, posted by Doug Belshaw, in Research Papers on ILTA at http://journal.ilta.ie/2013/05/21/zen-and-the-art-of-digital-literacies/

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