2013 Horizon Report out: 6 Emerging Technologies in K-12 Education

Cloud computing and mobile learning could become mainstream in K-12 education within the next year, according to the 2013 Horizon Report from the New Media Consortium.

The Horizon Report is a planning tool for education leaders, but it’s not a crystal ball. You’ll notice that some of the technologies in reports from the past four years didn’t make it onto subsequent reports. Others have moved up to different time to adoption horizons or stayed in the same spot for quite a while.

  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile learning
  • Learning analytics
  • Open content
  • 3-D printing
  • Virtual and remote laboratories

Read the entire article by Tanya Roscorla posted on the Center for Digital Education website at

Horizon Report for K-12 Education

Horizon Report for Higher Education

Read more about the Horizon Project at www.nmc.org/horizon-project

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