New Tech Readiness Tool Resource Addresses Local Considerations for Schools and Districts

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium logoA new document, Key Local Considerations, is available to specifically address some of the considerations and/or local decisions that district and school staff may need to include in their transition planning or in their determinations of local readiness for the online delivery of statewide or other high-stakes assessments. This document is available from the TechReadiness Resources page or by selecting the following

Since the design and structure of the Tech Readiness Tool is intended for use nationally, it does not and cannot account for every possible technology or infrastructure configuration, or for every logistical or scheduling constraint that might exist for one particular school or district. This document is designed to provide information that should be considered in conjunction with Technology Readiness Tool results. Additional local information or planning may be necessary before a definitive answer regarding overall readiness can be known.

Some topics covered in more detail within the document are as follows:

  • “Eligibility” of devices for readiness determination
  • Devices shared among multiple schools
  • Thin Clients and other virtualization solutions including network considerations
  • BYOD and other devices not owned and managed by the school district
  • Determining a school’s connection speed and/or utilization
  • Wireless access considerations
  • Schools without student enrollment counts
  • Session planning and reuse of devices in a single day

For additional questions, contact the TRT support desk, at 888-323-8757 or send an e-mail to

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