Creative Thinking to Increase Your Bandwidth

Given the growing demands for adequate bandwidth in our schools, I thought it might be helpful to share some creative solutions. All schools are unique; each with its own demographics, resources, politics, values, physical features and locations.

No single solution will fit all schools or even most schools. These suggestions are just ideas that are somewhat outside the box and may help some schools find solutions to their bandwidth issues. If one reader finds a useful solution to his or her particular situation then the article was worth writing. (Editor’s note: Please let us know in the comments below if this happens.)

  • Consider researching Utility Pole Rights in your town/community.
  • Leverage cable re-franchising opportunities to secure private fiber.
  • Negotiate with other telecom providers who are looking to your municipalities for permits to run underground conduit.
  • Partner with local colleges and universities.
  • Research Internet 2 options near or within your school district

Read the entire article by Steve Smith posted on School CIO at

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