Online Facilitators Wanted for Project

Online Learning & Students with Disabilities

The Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities needs your help to recruit fellow online teachers, students engaged in online learning, their parents, and administrators of online learning programs. We need these individuals to complete surveys about their experiences with online learning to better help us study online learning as it continues to grow across the country. We know you’re busy and we’re happy to compensate you for your time and effort. We need survey participants who teach at least part of their time online (either fully online or blended) and have recently taught, or will teach, at least some students with disabilities online. Does this sound like someone you know? Help us get in contact with them as a survey facilitator!

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, here are the requirements you would need to meet:

  1. Teach at least part time in an online setting
  2. Have recently taught or plan to teach at least some students with disabilities in online settings
  3. Be willing to complete a 20-minute survey
  4. Recruit 5 other teachers (these individuals would need to meet the requirements in points 1 and 2) to complete a similar 20-minute survey
  5. Recruit 5 parents, 5 students with disabilities, and one administrator who participate in online learning to complete a similar 20-minute survey.

If you’re interested in helping us, we’ll show you our gratitude by presenting you with a $250 stipend and access to a Professional Learning Community that includes at least three educational webinars.

Interested in Working with Us?
Call or email Paula Burdette

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