Secret to organizing teachers for blended learning

What do you get when you foist technology on busy classroom teachers? In most cases, you get technology-rich—but still traditional—classrooms, plus teachers who are now responsible for troubleshooting both misbehaving devices and the culprits using them.  One district leader articulated the problem well. He told me he’s excited about the district’s new learning management system (LMS), but not sure that teachers will use it to make learning more student-centric. He wonders if professional development will be enough to help his teachers “know how to really, truly personalize learning,” instead of merely add flash to the status quo.  He’s right. In fact, no amount of teacher training will solve his problem. But there’s a very different solution that will.

The secret is this: organize the right team to lead the implementation. During their time at Harvard Business School, Professors Kim Clark and Steven Wheelwright wrote here that different organization structures are right for different problems. Disrupting Class summarizes these points in Chapter Nine. Here’s the overview:

Read the entire article by Heather Clayton Staker on the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation at

10 Drivers of Blended Learning on TeachThought

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