General Information on the Common Core State Standards

Duncan Pushes Back on Attacks on Common Core Standards

Arne Duncan Remarks at the American Society of News Editors Annual Convention, Capital Hilton, Washington, D.C.
Academic standards used to be just a subject for after-school department meetings and late-night state board sessions. But now, they’re a topic for dueling newspaper editorials. Why? That’s because a new set of standards—rigorous, high-quality learning standards, developed and led by a group of governors and state education chiefs—are under attack as a federal takeover of the schools. And your role in sorting out truth from nonsense is really important.

So I’d like to explain how we arrived at this place.  I’ll talk about information and misinformation, and ask you to help Americans draw a bright line between the two.

I’d like to make the case that these standards have the capacity to change education in the best of ways—setting loose the creativity and innovation of educators at the local level, raising the bar for students, strengthening our economy and building a clearer path to the middle class. But for these new standards to succeed, Americans will need to be clear on what’s true and what’s false.

Read the entire speech from Arne Duncan on at

Common Core Comes To New Hampshire

By the 2014-2015 school year, the new Common Core State Standards are set to be in full effect.
In a week-long series, NHPR education reporter Sam Evans-Brown answers all these questions and more on the Common Core.

Read the entire series by Sam Evans-Brown on NHPR at

The Coming Of Common Core

Educators nationwide have been shifting toward this new system. We’ll find out kind of discussions are taking place at our local schools among teachers, principals and students.

Listen to Laura Knoy on The Exchange on NHPR at

Explore the Common Core State Standards for yourself at

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