Summer PD Teachers Won’t Want to Miss

Announcing our Summer Learning Series here on EdReach! 1 to 1: On Air

One thing we know, is that so many people are doing iPad 1:1 pilots. While we know there are other device pilots going on right now, we wanted to create a series that would be focused on doing amazing things with one specific ecosystem. In this case-  iPad. Also- we want to show off the power of Google Hangouts as a PD device.

We’re working directly with Haiku Deck, MentorMob, Google, TechSmith, Subtext, and FlipBoard to create a series of workshops that will give you great ideas to use with students, and for managing your classroom. We’ve also found some of the most talented educators to run these.

Why pay for PD? EdReach is bringing your school district some of the best PD right to your desktop or screen. Use the hashtag #EdReach on Twitter and G+ while enjoying this PD, and connect to educators everywhere!

Get the Summer PD Schedule on edreach at

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