7 Technologies that Could Revolutionize Education

With all the technology being developed these days, it’s easy to imagine how this technology can transition into classrooms.  But no, most classrooms are still the same as when we were kids, and even when our parents were in grade school.

Equipped with one or two blackboards or whiteboards, chairs with tables for students, some art on the wall, books on shelves and other whatnots found in common classrooms,  could the lack of technological improvements in classrooms attribute to how poorly students are doing in today’s economy?

During The Next Web Conference Europe, Pearson Chief Digital Officer Juan Lopez-Valcarcel talked about how 46 percent on US college students do not graduate, and those that do, 40 percent are told that they do not have the right skills for a job they are applying for.  this may be due to the fact that while tuition has increased by 70 percent in the last 10 years, the value of the degree has declined by 15 percent in the same time frame.  But the biggest problem is, for in-demand jobs today and in the future, pertinent courses are not being offered in universities or colleges.  For instance, if someone wants to be Data Scientist – you won’t find a school offering  a course specific to that job.

So how can things change?  How can technology help transform the state and quality of education?

  • Invisible Computers
  • Body Language Assessment
  • Robot-Assisted Learning
  • Global Rockstar Teachers
  • Stealth Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Open Hardware

Read the entire article by Melissa Tolentino pm Silicon Angle at http://siliconangle.com/blog/2013/07/09/7-technologies-that-could-revolutionize-education/

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