Moving to the Cloud: Myths and Facts

“There are not many new ideas when it comes to technology. Instead, there’s a lot of rebranding,” says Thuan Nguyen, assistant superintendent and chief digital strategy officer for the Kent (WA) School District. “The cloud is a re-branded version of hosted services, which is just a re-branded mainframe philosophy. With each new version we add features or modify the infrastructure to do more. At the core, though, the premise is the same.” Still, districts need to know the facts before migrating everything to the cloud. SchoolCIO spoke with some experts to get the scoop.

Assumption #1:  Moving to the cloud will save your district money.
Assumption #2:  Cloud environments have the potential to transform business and operating models.
Assumption #3:  It’s crazy to run your core IT services using cloud technology.
Assumption #4:  The cloud is safer, more secure, and more reliable than a traditional IT environment.
Assumption #5:  Private clouds* make more sense for schools than public clouds.

Read about the realities and myths of all these assumptions on School CIO at

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