SAU/District Data Sheets Available Online from the Technology Readiness Tool

SAU/district Tech Readiness Tool users can view summarized organization and device data results from the June 28, 2013 snapshot. To view these data sheets, users must have at least district-level access in the TechReadiness Tool. Users should select the link below and log in using the same credentials used to log in to the Technology Readiness Tool. Once logged in, users can select their organization(s) they have access to from the drop-down list to view SAU/district summaries.

Click here to navigate to the online snapshot data sheets:

State and district users can only access the summary data sheets using the link provided above.  These online data sheets cannot be accessed from the TechReadiness Tool. The information available is limited to the user’s access level. School-level snapshot data is not available within this tool, and users seeking school-level snapshot data can access detailed information via Progress Reports within the Technology Readiness Tool.

The online snapshot data sheets represent information entered into the Technology Readiness Tool as of the June 28, 2013 snapshot. This summary information does not include any changes made within the tool since the June 28, 2013 snapshot.

Thank you,
Technology Readiness Tool Program Team

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