Important Changes to the Technology Readiness Tool

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium will shortly release a new version of the tool, Technology Readiness Tool 3.0.  We wanted to keep you apprised of upcoming changes to be implemented on the Technology Readiness Tool system.  Below you will find the list of changes that will improve the usefulness and usability of the tool.

We would like to highlight another important change to the classifications for the operating system Linux Ubuntu.  The current version of the TRT lists Ubuntu  versions 9-12 as one category.  However, the Consortia have determined that Ubuntu versions 9 and 10 do not meet recommended requirements but do meet minimum requirements for operating systems.  Because of this, we are splitting the selection option of Linux Ubuntu v 9-12 into Linux Ubuntu v 9-10 and Linux Ubuntu v11-12.  With this change, starting with the launch of 3.0, all devices listed as using Ubuntu version 9-12 will be recategorized as Ubuntu 9-10. These devices will show as meeting the minimum requirements but not the recommended requirements for operating systems.  Users who have devices using Ubuntu 11-12 will need to update those devices in the TRT.  All Linux Ubuntu users should verify that the correct version of Ubuntu is indicated.

List of 3.0 Changes:

  1. Marking Data Complete
    1. Atypical and Error checks
    2. Functionality through User Interface only – no batch file upload features
    3. Select all feature for Mark Data Entry Complete
    4. Attention: Resetting of completion status will affect users who do not have the required inputted data.   Note:  If you left any blanks or omitted answers, and previously reported as submitted, the change will indicate that you are no longer 100%, as your data is not complete.
  2. Edited values for Operating System Linux Ubuntu: from Linux Ubuntu v 9-12 to Linux Ubuntu v 9-10 and Linux Ubuntu 11-12, as discussed above
    1. Attention: Users who previously indicated the value of Linux Ubuntu v 9-12 as their operating system will default to Linux Ubuntu v 9-10.
  3. New Dashboard on Home Page
  4. Results & Indicators/Reports changes:
    1. Report Title Change – Submission Status to Completion Status
    2. Org Name and Org Code separated on Reports and Exported files
    3. Progress Reports  includes managing columns for past reports
    4. New Overall Readiness Indicators Report – Results show the percent of overall readiness indicators that meet requirements.
      1. New light box to display current info for school
      2. New light box to display what if scenarios calculator
    5. Link to consortium on the Minimum/Recommended Requirements pop-up box will open in new window.
    6. DateTimestamp on Reports – Made consistent with 12-hour time format. Note: Date Time Stamp on Reports does not match the snapshot execute date
    7. Added “Complete” column to all School Level Reports and Report-Exports – Format of Values will be Yes or (No)
  5. School Survey format changed: added additional Bandwidth values: 2, 5, 15, 25, and 155

The next extraction/data snapshot will be taken on Friday, December 13, 2013.

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