House Debates No Child Left Behind Rewrite, Makes Big Changes on Teacher Evaluation

Conservative lawmakers won a big concession Thursday on the teacher-evaluation portion of a bill to renew the No Child Left Behind Act. Under the change, which was ultimately endorsed by the bill’s sponsor, Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., the chairman of the House education committee, states and school districts would not be required to craft teacher-evaluation systems based on student outcomes.

Instead, those evaluations—which are already causing headaches for states who have put them in place in exchange for the Obama administration’s waivers from the NCLB law—would be totally voluntary. It is almost certain that Kline threw in the towel on teacher evaluations—a policy he was personally passionate about—in order to win final passage of the bill. A vote is expected tomorrow. The full bill passed the House on a partisan 221-207 vote. For more coverage of the debate and vote, see the related article linked below.

Read the entire article by Alyson Klein on the Education Week blog, Politics K-12, at

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