A Look at Project Based Learning

The Differences Between Projects And Project-Based Learning

There’s a big difference between using projects in the classroom versus project-based learning in the classroom. What are those differences, you ask? Lucky for you, friEdTechnology (great name) whipped up a snazzy side-by-side comparison outlining the biggest differences.  In the visual, they describe what ‘projects’ are and how they work in the classroom. For example, projects can be done at home without teacher guidance or team collaboration. They are based upon directions and the folks from friEd say they’re “done like last year” (curious if you agree with that or not!)

On the flip side, Project-Based Learning is a fluid technique to enhance learning that really looks nothing like projects as they’re described below. For example, in a PBL scenario, the teacher’s work is typically done prior to the start of the project, it’s graded on a clearly defined rubric, and has driving questions that keep the learning going.

Read the entire article by Jeff Dunn on edudemic at http://www.edudemic.com/2013/06/the-differences-between-projects-and-project-based-learning/

Project-Based Learning Research Review

There are some critical elements to consider when applying project-based learning in the classroom. Edutopia’s research analyst recommends these research-proven steps.
Introduction and Learning Outcomes
Evidence-Based Components of Success
Best Practices Across Disciplines
Avoiding Pitfalls
Annotated Bibliography

Read the one or the entire series of articles by Vanessa Vega on Edutopia at http://www.edutopia.org/pbl-research-learning-outcomes

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