Preparing for the Release of Tech Readiness Tool 3.0 in August

In preparation for the August implementation of the Technology Readiness Tool 3.0 build, please review the following change in the process of marking school data complete. Following the August release, the system will no longer allow your schools to mark data complete if required data fields are not populated.  As a result, the completion status of organizations with missing required data will be reset from “Yes” to “No” after the implementation of the Technology Readiness Tool 3.0 build.

Below, you will find an explanation of two data validations to be performed on existing and future data.  Please share this information with your administration and staff to better prepare everyone for this upcoming event.  Updates and information will also be posted on and the ET News blog as it becomes available.  The state will get reports listing SAUs that have been flagged for missing required data and schools flagged as having atypical data. The completion status of the organizations on the missing required data report will be reset to “No” in August unless the missing data is added before the 3.0 release.   All atypical data will need to be confirmed and will not reset the completion status.

Explanation of the two data validations:

Two data validations will be performed as part of the process for marking schools complete, but the completion status of organizations that do not meet the requirements of only the second validation will be reset during the 3.0 implementation.

The first data validation looks for all data that is required for system calculations.  After the implementation of the 3.0 release, if any required fields are left blank, the school’s completion status will be changed from “Yes” to “No.” From then on, the system will not allow organizations to mark the data complete if required information is missing. The required data checks are as follows:

This validation will show a status of “error” on the completion page.  If a user sees this message, they will need to go back and add the required data before they can mark the school’s data complete.

Required School Readiness Survey Fields

·         Estimated Internet Bandwidth

·         Estimated Internal Network Bandwidth

·         Estimated Internet Bandwidth Utilization

·         Estimated Internal Network Utilization

·         Length of Testing Window in School Days

·         Number of Sessions per Day

·         Grades K – 12  Enrollment Counts

Required Device Fields

·         Count of Devices

·         Operating System

·         Memory

·         Screen Resolution

·         Monitor / Display Size

·         Assessment Environment

The second validation will warn user of “suspect” atypical data. The completion status of organizations with atypical data will remain set to “Yes.” If users confirm the information submitted is in fact accurate, they can mark their organization’s data complete. Listed are the five atypical data checks performed on school organization data. This validation will show a status of “Atypical Data” on the completion page.

  • High grade level enrollments – grade level enrollments greater than or equal to 4 standard deviations from the median enrollment for the given grade.
  • Bandwidth utilization irregularity – non-zero bandwidth utilization entries that are greater than or equal to 90% OR less than or equal to 5%.
  • Devices – schools with no device data provided.
  • Device-to-test-taker ratio – device-to-test-taker ratios that are greater than two devices for every student.
  • Sessions per day – schools indicating more than or equal to 4 sessions per day.
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