Upcoming ArcGIS Online Workshops

At Plymouth Regional High School—Saturday, August 17th:

A number of teachers who participated in the summer GIS workshops requested that an ArcGIS Online for Organizations training be offered before school starts this fall.  I know this is late notice, but we have been able to schedule one for this coming Saturday!

This training will actually consist of three separate workshops, each about an hour long.  Participants may attend any one, two, or all three!  Workshops are as follows:

9:00 am to 10:00 am:  Introduction to ArcGIS Online.  This workshop is geared to those with no previous experience in ArcGIS Online.  You’ll have an opportunity to set up your own personal account, browse the gallery of pre-made maps, and add your own data to maps.

10:15 am to 11:15 am:  Introduction to ArcGIS Explorer Online.  ArcGIS Explorer Online provides a slide show type interface similar to PowerPoint with live maps as a background.  Learn how to create these presentations which work extremely well both as a teacher tool and for student projects/assessments.

11:15 am-12:30 pm:  Setting up and Administering an ArcGIS Online for Organizations Account.  During this workshop you’ll become a member of our state organizational account (NHEdGIS) and learn the differences between personal and organizational online accounts as well as the user roles for organizational accounts.  We’ll also discuss options and best practices for utilizing these accounts in a school setting.  Finally, for those participants from K-12 schools or recognized youth groups in NH, we’ll assist you in setting up and configuring your own organizational account.  Participants in this workshop should have some previous experience using ArcGIS Online and have their own personal AGO account.  (The 9:00-10:00 am workshop will meet this requirement). Schools are strongly encouraged to have two or more staff members attend this training and become administrators of the organization.  If that is not possible, alternatives will be considered on an individual basis.

To register for any of these workshops, please e-mail i_ahern@LR.NET.  If you are planning to set up an organizational account for your school, please be sure to include that request in your e-mail

At Hopkinton Middle High School–Monday August 19th and Tuesday August 20th:

US History Using Spatial Technology.  What is GIS and how can it help you teach US History?  This workshop will introduce teachers to free, easy-to-use on-line resources and will give instruction in accessing ready-to-use lessons.  Learn how to incorporate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and online mapping technology in your classroom to enhance instruction.  Through association with NHCSS, NHEdGIS and NHGA; we will provide a unique professional development opportunity to: explore pre-existing maps in an on-line gallery, learn basic GIS tools and concepts to understand spatial relationships, Search on-line databases of lessons, projects and resources, view on-line instructional videos and on-line packets, explore custom US History lessons, and extend custom lessons with historic map images.  Stipends of $75.00 will be given to in-service teachers.  For more information contact Bob Woolner at rwoolner@sau66.org.

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