Five Future Trends That Will Impact the Learning Ecosystem

As summer reflections on the past school year turn into aspirations for the next year, it’s important to keep in mind the big picture of change in education. Five shifts in how we think about schools and education in general will help to regenerate the learning ecosystem, and will provoke our imagination about new possibilities for teaching and learning.

  1. Democratized Entrepreneurship  Democratized entrepreneurship will spread an entrepreneurial mindset among learners, educators and communities, accelerating a groundswell of grassroots innovation.
  2. Personalization Strategies  Next-generation personalization strategies will combine learning analytics with insights from brain-based science to provide more contextualized feedback and create high-fidelity learning environments.
  3. Diversification of School Formats  A creative explosion of school formats will utilize diverse strategies and structures for organizing learning experiences to increase district adaptability and responsiveness.
  4. Changing Certification Methods  A diversity of certification mechanisms will flourish as talent clouds and extreme career mobility shape employment.
  5. Transforming Urban Learning Landscapes  Cities as open, collaborative civic labs will help transform urban learning landscapes into flexible service platforms.

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