Starting The Year In A Flipped Classroom

What does the beginning of the year look like in my flipped classroom?

To begin with, there is a lot of excitement on the part of the students.  They look around the room for the books and smile when they hear the plan for the year.  They were excited for the computers to begin with, but hearing how the class will be run takes it to a whole new level.  A few have questions and a little anxiety, but we usually put their fears to rest pretty quickly.

The beginning of the year in the flipped classroom is the hardest part for everyone involved, but in my opinion, the positives outweigh the negatives so much that it is well worth all the work.   Discipline issues seem to go away and engagement tends to go way up.  Students love this type of learning.  My students’ test scores from last year support that it works too.

Read the entire post by Linda Gutierrez on Digital Learning Environments at

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