August 20: Blended Learning in the News

Alternative high school will mix online, in-person interaction
Students who enroll in the Duluth school district’s alternative high school are moving to a four-day, part online, part face-to-face instruction this fall.

Known in the education world as a “blended” program, the students of the former Unity High School will have the chance to create their own schedules within 10-hour school days to work around commitments such as jobs.

“We’re trying to meet the students’ needs,” said Adrian Norman, assistant principal of Duluth’s alternative programs. “Our data didn’t show success on Fridays. It didn’t show attendance on Fridays.”

About 85 students were enrolled in Unity at the end of last school year, with 25 in the independent study program, Norman said. Unity is for students who were referred from Denfeld or East high schools for behavior or learning reasons, or for students who chose it for reasons such as preferring the smaller environment to the larger schools. Numbers should be roughly the same for this coming year.

Read the entire article by Jana Hollingsworth on the Duluth News Tribune at

 H-H to incorporate ‘hybird’ learning model
The Hatboro-Horsham School District will be incorporating a $238,000 “hybrid” learning model into its curriculum this year that utilizes computers more and blends digital instructions with face-to-face teaching.

During a presentation Monday, David Weber, the district’s curriculum co-director, said the district is looking to pilot the new model in 16 classrooms — seven at the high school, four at the middle school and five at the elementary school level — and the majority will be math classes.

The idea, according to Weber, is to “rotate students among learning stations,” while incorporating adaptive digital instruction and face-to-face teaching for a blended learning experience.

Read the entire article by Kimberly Flanders on at

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