4 Things To Consider Before You Flip Your Classroom

The Flipped Classroom model is gaining momentum in classrooms around the world. Much has been said and written about the benefits and advantages of the Flipped Classroom throughout the year, so during the last three weeks of school I decided to experiment with this model of instruction and I flipped my math classroom. Using Explain Everything on my iPad, I created a series of videos that my students watched prior to coming to school. In the classroom I had the opportunity to take advantage of the extra instructional time, as well as their excitement about sharing the knowledge they gained by watching the videos I created, and tried to engage my students in high order mathematical tasks.

Although the results were highly encouraging and made me a fervent proponent of the Flipped Classroom, there are four things that I think every classroom teacher should know before they start using the Flipped Classroom model.

  1. Some Students Will Take Longer To Adapt Than Others
  2. Teacher-Made Videos Must Be Engaging
  3. Recording Time Might Be Longer Than You Anticipate
  4. Video Formats Should Be Chosen Carefully

Read the entire article by Nikolaos Chatzopoulos on edudemic at http://www.edudemic.com/2013/07/four-things-to-consider-before-you-flip-your-classroom/

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