Millions Join the Education Free-for-All on the Internet

“I will be offering a MOOC starting in January 2014 on Digital Citizenship. Like all MOOCs, it will be massively open to anyone who wants to be involved. However, exactly how my MOOC will be run is still under discussion—largely because I am one of those researcher-types who insists on studying something before making a decision about it. Towards that end, I’ve been reading a good deal about how others have interpreted, managed, and delivered MOOCs. I have also had serious conversations with a number of people who have been involved with them, or who have considered being involved with them. Here are three key findings derived from these activities.

  1. It is nearly impossible to have a rationale conversation about MOOCs.
  2. Still waiting for research.
  3. Expectation management is key.

There is absolutely no question that MOOCs are here to stay in some form. This article from Marie Boran for the Irish Times explains just how massively available MOOCs are.”

Read the entire comment by Jason Ohler on the 21st Centuiry Fluency Project at

Original article by Marie Boran on Irish Times at

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