Free Webinar: Using Google for Online Assessment

For those of you who might want to start getting your kids used to online assessments!  It’s Free and easy.

Using Google for Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Manage Online Assessment

Thursday, August 29, 2013  
3:00 pm EST / 12 pm PST

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In this webinar, speakers from Google and Acer’s Education teams will provide an overview of the Acer Chromebook and Google’s web-based Admin console, focusing on how Chromebooks can be used as secure devices for online assessments for students. In addition, the webinar will also review Acer Education Premier Support and Educare, an exclusive support offering for K-12 customers.
Google’s web-based Admin console allows IT administrators to manage their school’s Chrome devices with just a few clicks. Chromebooks can be configured as locked-down assessment kiosks. You can disable students’ access to surf the web during an exam, in addition to disabling external storage (e.g., USB flash drives), screenshots, audio output sources (e.g., speakers), and audio capture sources (e.g., microphones).
Last year, the PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium verified Chromebooks as meeting the hardware and operating system requirements for online student assessments in the 2014-2015 school year and this past February, Chromebooks were used in the pilot tests developed by the American Institute of Research (AIR) for the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.
Join this webinar to learn more about Acer Chromebooks and how you can use Google’s web-based Admin console for your school’s testing needs.
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