Release of ArcGIS Desktop 10.2 and the NHEdGIS Fall Survey

ArcGIS Desktop 10.2 is now available!

For those of you in K-12 schools using the desktop version of the Esri software, the latest version is now available through NHEdGIS.  Although ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 will continue to work fine, 10.2 has a number of enhancements so you may wish to upgrade.  This latest version does not require a complete uninstall of previous versions, and in fact, your current provisioning file will still work so all you need to do is download and install the software to upgrade.  How do you get it?  Simply download it either from the NH Geographic Alliance website or the UNH Cooperative Extension Dropbox links that we will provide.  How do you get the links?  Here’s where we’re going to try a little bribery…….

The NHEdGIS Fall Survey is now available!

Okay, so perhaps you are not as excited about the survey as you might have been about the software, but these surveys are incredibly important to the functioning of our group.  NHEdGIS as an “organization” has absolutely no funding.  Last year, working with the NH Geographic Alliance, three small grants were obtained to fund some of our professional development offerings. These funding organizations want to know the impact that their support has had.  Also, NHEdGIS wants to know if what we are doing is really helping to bring geospatial technologies to K-12 schools and students in NH, what else you would like to see us offer, and what we can do to improve.  We can only find out that information if YOU let us know….and we felt the easiest way for you to provide it was a survey…..

The connection?  For those of you in K-12 schools who already have the desktop software through our program, we will provide you access to the latest version of ArcGIS Desktop as soon as we get your survey back!  Even if you are not using the desktop software, please fill out the survey as there are a number of questions relating to ArcGIS online, past workshop offerings, and future training opportunities.  We really need to hear from YOU.  Please fill out the survey by September 8th so that we will have the information to use when planning this year’s activities.

The link?  The shortened version of the link is:  or if you prefer to access the original site:

Thank you

PS.  Don’t forget to register for the NEARC GIS Educators day on September 29th.  This will be a fantastic opportunity to learn more about geospatial technologies and network with others using GIS in education from throughout the Northeast  See

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