Introduction to ArcGIS Online for Organizations Workshops

September 13, 2013 @ Sanborn Regional Middle School
31-A West Main Street, Newton, NH


September 14, 2013 @ Hillsboro-Deering, Hillcat Drive
Hillsboro, NH (Tentative, Time TBA)

ArcGIS Online for Organizations is included within our state license agreement and is available for your school!  Organizations allow you and your students to undertake mapping and geospatial activities with no software to install.  With ArcGIS online you can easily create interactive maps and apps as well as use pre-made content.  With an organization you can control how the information is shared, allowing access to projects for just your class, your school, or by publishing final products to the world.  Because the platform is online, students can access the maps and information from anywhere they have Internet access.

In this training we’ll provide a brief introduction to ArcGIS Online Mapviewer, looking at both pre-made maps and how you (and your students!) can create your own maps with your own data and pictures.  Following that you’ll become members of our NHEdGIS ArcGIS Online account, and learn about the additional capabilities and analysis features of an organizational account.  Lastly, we’ll assist you in setting up your own organizational account for your school.

Requirements:  Please pre-register for this workshop as we will need to have organizational accounts prepared to distribute for each school.  In addition, please make every effort to have at least two staff members attend from your school so that you will have in-house support as you begin implementation.

Cost:  FREE!  The commercial value of the accounts each school receives is $17,500, but through the state license program we are able to offer them to NH K-12 schools for free.  If you represent a recognized youth group in NH, please consult with us to determine if you are eligible for an account.

To pre-register, please send an e-mail indicating your interest to:

Bob Woolner:

Heidi Orestis:

Join the NHEdGIS Group at

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