This summer, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unanimously voted to issue a sweeping Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to modernize the E-Rate program for the 21st century.   The NPRM asks many questions including whether there should be additional funding for the E-Rate program. This is a critical watershed moment for the E-Rate program and an opportunity to ensure the future of connectivity and digital learning for our nation’s students. The FCC needs to hear from educators like you on why the E-Rate is so crucial to support digital learning and why an increased investment in high-speed broadband connectivity is needed. Click here to find a draft letter that you can personalize and instructions on how to submit your comments to the FCC. While initial comments are due by September 16th, you can comment until October 16th. Make your voice heard today!

Here are some points to consider when drafting your comments:

  • A Modernized E-Rate Should Be Guided by Few, Clear Performance Goals and Metrics
  • A Modernized E-Rate Must Better Align to Education Needs and Governance Responsibilities
  • A Modernized E-Rate Must Prioritize Equity of Access to Robust Broadband by 100% of Schools
  • A Modernized E-Rate Must be Fiscally Responsible
  • A Modernized E-Rate Should Incent Participant Innovation
  • A Modernized E-Rate Should Reduce Participant Burden
  • A Modernized E-Rate Must Provide Specific, Predictable and Sufficient Funding to Address K-12 Broadband Infrastructure Needs

EdTech Action Network Issue and Action Center for E-Rate Comment Letter

Thank you for supporting this worthwhile effort to modernize our E-Rate program.

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