School Bandwidth Speed Test Month Coming for New Hampshire

SchoolSpeedTest-logo-2013In preparation for the upcoming Smarter Balanced online assessments, as well as to take action on the President’s new ConnectED initiative, take local steps to maximize the impact of current funds, and make the case to connect every teacher and student in New Hampshire to high-speed Internet, we need to understand what bandwidth is currently available in the classroom at our schools.  While the results of the Tech Readiness Tool suggest that bandwidth is not an issue for some schools, we do know that it is a huge issue for others.

As part of our overall plan to assist districts with technology readiness, the State Educational Technology Directors Association have partnered with the nonprofit EducationSuperHighway to offer no cost bandwidth speed tests to schools across the nation.  The organization is attempting to complete the testing this fall by coordinating a New Hampshire SchoolSpeedTest Month.  The NH Department of Education supports this effort to help districts understand their bandwidth situation.

This partnership will allow your school and the New Hampshire Department of Education to easily crowd-source data from any in-school staff member with a free online application that measures available bandwidth to a classroom device.

SchoolSpeedTest data will help find network bottlenecks, support network planning, demonstrate the need for increased connectivity/hardware funding, and support your district readiness for SBAC assessment.

Starting October 15, any person on a school network can go to, take a free SchoolSpeedTest in under a minute, and add data to our inventory.

Note: This is the same school speed test that is currently posted on our NHEON Tech Readiness page, and is currently available for use.  Participation in the School Speed Test month will allow for generation of reports, and for separation of data by state.

To ensure the assessment provides enough data to address funding and network needs, we need your help to ensure that every school in your district takes 10-20 SpeedTests.

There will be a free informational webinar, on Thursday, September 26, at 3:00 PM, to address your questions and provide you with answers.

School Speed Test Question and Answer Webinar

Thursday, September 26 at 3:00 pm


Audio: (805) 309-5900, ID Code 581-356-671#

After the New Hampshire SchoolSpeedTest month ends, your district and the New Hampshire Department of Education will receive a report showing the bandwidth available (max, min, and avg) in each school, as well as per-student bandwidth.  This report will help you to locate bottlenecks and support your network planning for the Smarter Balanced Tests.

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