October is Connected Educator Month

The U.S. Department of Education has declared October of 2013 as Connected Educator Month, and we invite you to play a key role in the event.  Connected Educator Month uses online communities and networks to advance the cause of edcuational technology and other educational concerns, both during the month and beyond, as a kick-off to larger initiatives.  A key goal of this year’s CEM is to involve more states and districts in leading the event for educators as a whole.

Connected Educators in the state can participate in the following ways:

  • Take a leadership role on digital and technological issues that you care about by putting your school, district, or state-led events & activities about these issues on the Connected Educator Month calendar for sharing with other states and broader national impact during CEM and beyond.
  • Participating on panels with other state and national leaders discussing the issues you care most about.
  • Declaring October as Connected Educator Month in your school and promoting the use of digital tools and media in eduation.
  • Host a competition to determine your school or district’s most connected educator.
  • Contact your state legislators and push for New Hampshire to declare October as Connected Educator Month.

Remember, connected education supports the NH College and Career Ready Standards.

For more information, visit Connected Educators on line at http://ConnectedEducators.org/

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