The Secret to School Technology Integration

When we think of culture, we often think of other countries that have common food, language and clothes. But our schools have a culture too that needs to change before any education technology initiative can be successful.

In a recent report from the Consortium of School Networking, a number of educators shared seven keys to transforming schools with technology. And one of the major keys is building a school culture that embraces learning first and uses technology tools strategically to accomplish learning goals.

Students needs to be involved in changing the school culture because they are the ones who are affected by leadership decisions, Kelley said. The school district engages parents, other community members and educators along with students because the input they provide is critical.

“It’s more than just adding technology to a school or just adding some technical component to a classroom,” Kelley said. “Really all those things have to be in place in order for it to be successful, and if they’re not, no technology or digital conversion is going to be successful.”

Read the entire article by Tanya Roscorla on the Center for Digital Education website at

Additional Article: Learning Technology Integration by Design

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