10 Burning Questions About Innovations in Learning

In preparation for the 2014 ASU GSV Education Innovation Summit, Mike Moe and Deborah Quazzo invited a group of advisors to contemplate the burning questions about innovations in learning.  The discussion uncovered 10 big questions.

  1. What will the new teaching models look like?
  2. Are degrees still relevant?
  3. Will competency-based systems replace time bound systems?
  4. How is social networking impacting learning?
  5. What’s up with the tablet frenzy?
  6. What are the real facts about digital learning?
  7. Is education inherently a bad investment?
  8.  Are there relevant models of innovation?
  9. Will new business models pan out?
  10. How to prepare teachers and leaders to leverage new technology?

Who knows, some of these questions may turn into sessions at the Education Innovation Summit.

Read the entire article by Tom Vander Ark and get some of the answers to those burning questions on Education Week at http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/on_innovation/2013/10/10_burning_questions_about_innovations_in_learning.html

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