School Speed Test Month Continues in New Hampshire

With the New Hampshire SchoolSpeedTest, educators from around the state are building actionable data that will help power an Internet upgrade for New Hampshire students and teachers.

So far, 975 SchoolSpeedTests have been run by teachers, IT coordinators, and staff from 129 schools in 66 districts!

Thanks to your SchoolSpeedTest data, we can drive projects that can maximize the impact of current Internet funding, support readiness for online assessment and learning, and make the case to connect every teacher and student in New Hampshire to high-speed Internet.

But we’re not done yet we have over 500 schools and many more SchoolSpeedTests to go.

It’s easy! Anyone on a school network can go to, select their school, and click “Start Test” to take a one-minute automatic test that will measure the available Internet speed at their school.

To be successful, we need your help collecting 10-20 SchoolSpeedTests from your school before November 15th, so we can provide actionable data to your IT staff and administrators.

Want to Champion an Internet upgrade for your School or District?

Become a SchoolSpeedTest Champion, race against other schools and districts to collect the most tests, and enter to win a $100 gift card to Staples. Learn more:

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