How Can Technology Be Beneficial in a Kindergarten Class?

Technology enhances instruction in kindergarten, preparing students for future challenges.

Technology has a prominent place in schools and kindergarten classrooms are no exception. While technology doesn’t take the place of vital, developmental play and hands-on learning, it adds to them, reinforcing traditional methods of teaching. When technology in a kindergarten class is designed to encourage young children, allow for creativity and connect to the curriculum, it benefits both the teacher and the students.

Increases Motivation
Kindergarten students have notoriously short attention spans, but their interest is sparked by technology.

Reinforces Skills
Kindergarten students are learning to practice letter, number and reading skills through interactive computer games as well as more traditional applications, according to Jill Buban, academic program manager for teaching and learning at Post University in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Differentiates Instruction
Students are at various levels of understanding in core subject areas and it’s not always an easy task for kindergarten teachers to consistently assess each child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Provides Electronic Portfolios
Early childhood education consists of lots of hands-on projects. Teachers can document their students’ progress by taking pictures with a digital camera.

Encourages Collaboration
Collaborative learning and social interaction prepare children for the future. When a group of kindergarten students listens to a recorded book or works together at the smart board to match letters and sounds, they are learning the valuable skill of working together.

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