Save the Date: Digital Learning Day

Add Your Event

We want to know how you plan to celebrate Digital Learning Day. Whether it’s trying a new lesson, creating a video, or hosting a showcase, we want to know. Add your dot to our map TODAY to win a prize from our swag shop!

Make Your Plans TODAY!

  • Excite today’s students by ‘speaking their language’ and incorporating interactive lessons and digital tools into class instruction
  • Support teachers by showing how technology helps students stay engaged and learn more
  • Make parents happy by teaching their children applicable skills that produce real results
  • Encourage principals to add an event to help your school become a premiere place for meaningful education

Introducing the Digital Learning Day Swag Shop!

Visit the Digital Learning Day Swag Shop! As you explore, you will see that we have selected some items that you can order to enhance your local event and activities. You will see there are old classics and some new favorites, all featuring the Digital Learning Day Logo. Examples include drawstring bags, drinkware, and other promotional items

Drawstring_bag.jpg     bracelet.jpg   Mug.jpg

Happy Shopping!

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