How to Get Started with Blended Learning

Image Credit: District Administration

Administrators often get excited about the possibilities for technology and personal devices to enhance learning. But education technology experts offer a warning: Don’t buy devices without a plan for how they will enhance learning.

Administrators must decide on specific learning goals that can be achieved through blended learning. Then they must choose a qualified staff team to create a model for delivering that instruction. The last step is figuring out what devices and software they want to purchase.

The blended approach requires an initial investment in technology and professional development, but may eventually save schools money. A 2012 report from the nonprofit Thomas B. Fordham Institute found that overall, per-pupil costs for blended models are significantly lower than the $10,000 national average for traditional schools. Costs range from an estimated $7,600 to $10,200 per pupil in blended schools, the report states.

“The majority of districts getting started are looking at how to shift around existing resources,” Patrick says. “You have to think about restructuring budgets to give teachers the tools they need, and students the learning experiences they need.”

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