Using Technology to Elevate Education

Daniel Sangjib Min/TIMES-DISPATCH

When investing in the future, as Chesterfield County Public Schools is with the adoption of a laptops program, not everyone will be pleased, for it is easy to see shortfalls in the ambiguity of the unpredictable. Yet, as a student, I see this program as an effort to put Chesterfield students ahead of the curve.

Let’s face it; most students are already extremely literate when it comes to technology —perhaps more so than teachers. As one of my teachers commented, the moment a student walks out of school, he or she is almost guaranteed to be using a device of some sort. However, most students are clueless as to how to use technology to further their education. A laptops program would encourage technology not to be an outlet simply for gaming and social media, but as a tool to supplement schooling. A plethora of knowledge is amassed on the Internet, and teaching students how to find and analyze qualified information conveniently would grant all students a basic ability in research and comprehension.

Clearly, the pros outweigh the cons. When investing in the future, it is hard for the shortsighted to see an advantage that may not benefit them directly. Personally, I do not want to be complaining years down the line that Chesterfield was behind in adopting technology programs in its schools, creating a fissure between the county and more progressive school systems. Sure, we fear the initial efficiency, but in the end, this is where education is headed. All signs point to it. Why not head there first with a progressive program that is not concerned with just the current climate of education, but also that of the future?

Read the entire article by Megan Davis in the Richmond Times-Dispatch at
Megan Davis is a student at Cosby High School in Chesterfield.

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