6 Routines to Support Mathematical Thinking

Back in July, Teaching Channel released a video series produced with the American Federation of Teachers showing how the Common Core math practice standards progress across the grades. This series is one of my favorites; in each classroom we watch students collaborating, explaining their reasoning, testing their ideas, and enjoying the problem-solving process.

  1. Think about seating. Fourth and fifth grade teacher Amy Spies developed a great system for keeping students and materials organized: creating seating arrangements with workstations.
  2. Take notes. As we all know, organizational tools aren’t just for students. Middle school math coach Audra McPhillips shares how she uses clipboards as a tool for informal assessment.
  3. Use color.  By helping students see color as a thinking tool, Ms. McPhillips helps students learn to communicate their thinking in multiple ways.
  4. Take a moment.  Fourth grade teacher Becky Pittard shares an interesting strategy for setting students up for successful collaboration.
  5. Believe that math is fun.  Becky Pittard is one of the most enthusiastic teachers I have seen; her ability to inspire students to engage in complex mathematics is remarkable.
  6. Make it real. Another part of the engagement puzzle is connecting learning to life outside of the classroom. First grade teacher Jeanne Wright explains how she encourages students to see math in everyday life.

Read the entire article by Lily Jones on the Teaching Channel at https://www.teachingchannel.org/blog/2014/01/16/routines-to-support-mathematical-thinking/

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