NHSTE’s first Awardee for the Chris Nelson Memorial Grant Program

2013 Grant Recipient: Highbridge Hill Elementary

Who is Highbridge Hill Elementary School?

Highbridge Hill Elementary School is a small, rural school located in southwestern New Hampshire, near the beautiful Mt. Monadnock and on the border of Massachusetts.

Nestled in the woods, the Mascenic Regional School District consists of two towns, New Ipswich and Greenville. Greenville is predominantly of French Canadian descent and New Ipswich is primarily of Finnish descent. The Mascenic School District has three school with a total enrollment of less than 1200 students; 435 in the elementary school, 336 at the middle school, and 352 in the high school level (2013-2014).

Prior to there being one elementary school, there were actually three that served the communities of New Ipswich and Greenville. When it was determined by the Fire Marshal that portions of two of the schools needed to be condemned in 2009, the district set in motion plans to build one elementary school, which you see today (completed in 2012).

What is our project?

We have always been a school that is trending in education and technology. And during the year of 2012-2013, some of the HHES teachers interrogated an essential question:

Does the 1-4 grade students at HHES have the essential technology skills for using and understanding conventional and current tools, materials and processes to assist themselves in excelling in their grade-level curriculum?

Because of this question, a Flip Classroom Committee was formed. The committee, made up of 4 fourth grade teachers, 1 third grade teacher, 1 second grade teacher, and myself, Natalie Breen, the Education Technology Integration Specialist, was designed to assist and develop a series of steps to improve the overall learning and absorption of the curriculum standards.

The goal of this project is to successfully implement a flipped classroom model throughout our elementary classrooms. We feel that flipping our classes will provide students with more individualized lesson content, all awhile providing time for rigorous application of lesson content in class.  The flipped classroom approach meaningfully engages students, targets their unique interests, and peaks their curiosity, which accommodates for different learning paces. Flipped lessons can be applied to all subject matter across all grades, making our project extremely versatile and useful.

For more information about Highbridge Hill’s flipped classroom project take a look at the rest of their introduction document.

Visit Highbridge Hill Elementary School on the web at http://sau.mascenic.org/index.php/hhes-home

Visit the New Hampshire Society for Technology in Education at http://www.nhste.org/.

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