This ain’t your 1970’s snow day

It’s been a rough winter here in the MidWest. Schools are scrambling to gather their 180 days in Indiana. But face it, an extra day (or 4) tacked on in May is not going to make up for the momentum lost in January. But hey folks! There are resources that can help keep the momentum and the learning going…. well beyond the four physical walls of the school building. Or as we like to say…communicate, collaborate, consume and curate… anytime/anywhere regardless of the weather (unless you lose power like we did in the January 7th storm; then you’re pretty much just reading by paper and staying warm by fire #17thcenturylearning).

As I like to say, “This Ain’t Your 1970’s Snow Day…” Or at least it certainly doesn’t have to be … although pancakes, hot cocoa and sledding are still allowed.

For some great ideas on how to turn a Snow Day into a Know Day, read the entire article by Jennifer LaMaster on School CIO blog at

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