Celebrate Pi Day, which is also Albert Einstein’s birthday!

Happy 3.14159265358979323846264 Day! That’s right, Pi Day is coming on 3/14, and the annual celebration offers a great opportunity for students to explore Pi! (It’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday. There are plenty of wonderful facts in this online Einstein biography.) Of course, there are plenty of great teaching resources online to help your class celebrate Pi Day, and we here at Edutopia thought we’d help.

Here are a few of our favorites from around the Web, starting first with the video, “Learn about Pi with Max and Morty,” which was produced by Apperson Prep. It’s a great resource to get younger students excited about Pi, radius, and circumference. Happy Pi Day!

Seven Classroom Resources for Pi Learning

  • Pi Day Activities from the San Francisco Exploratorium: Without the Exploratorium, we might never have had an official Pi Day celebration. In 1988 Exploratorium physicist Larry Shaw started the tradition, and it was finally recognized by Congress in 2009. The Exploratorium highlights some great hands-on activities, and there is also a great list of Pi-related links.
  • Happy Pi Day from TeachPi.org: TeachPi hosts a trove of Pi Day resources, featuring fun classroom activities, Pi Day-inspired music, and other fun learning ideas. There’s plenty here to keep students engaged, and learning, on March 14. Check out the activities section for a bunch of great learning ideas.
  • Pi Day Resources from Math Goodies: Math Goodies features some great, free math lessons that incorporate Pi. Check out their circle lessons, as well as links to other online resources and list of questions for students to research the history of Pi.
  • TeachersFirst’s Pi Day Resources: TeacherFirst offers this great roundup of Pi-themed lessons and resources from around the Web focused primarily on high school. Included in the collection are some general math resources, like Simpsons Math, and they all come from a variety of great sources.

Original post by Matt Davis on edutopia at http://www.edutopia.org/blog/pi-day-lesson-plans-matthew-davis.

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