Pointless Presentations Profusely Permeate Profession

Power Pointless a Google Presentation

Digital slide shows are the scourge of higher education.

This clever diatribe against digital slideshows harnesses the medium to show how it is misused in higher ed. As you page through the slides, will you agree that PowerPoint has become the Comic Sans of instructional tools?

See the entire presentation by Rebecca Schuman on Slate at http://www.slate.com/articles/life/education/2014/03/powerpoint_in_higher_education_is_ruining_teaching.html

Power Pointless on SlideShare

Example of bad PowerPoint presentations and how PPT is being over used in schools.

See the fun presentation by Andy Mann below on Slideshare at http://www.slideshare.net/amann/power-pointless-480823


Teachers/counselors/administrators/educational psychologists have used slides to enhance their lectures since the development of the magic lantern in the 19th century. The ubiquity of computers and projectors in classrooms has mushroomed this type of presentation to the extent that we worry about its effectiveness. How can we make sure we are taking full advantage of digital technology in our slides? How can we avoid the powerpointlessness that students complain about? How can we use presentation technology to make our classrooms more active and engaging?

See the Power Pointless Tutorial from Hunter School of Education at the http://soe-server2.hunter.cuny.edu/assessment/resdisplay.php?id=49

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