Registration Open for NH Broadband Conference

NH Broadband Conference:  Friday, May 16, 2014


To bring together a variety of stakeholders to discuss what is happening to expand broadband access, adoption, and use throughout New Hampshire.

Grappone Conference Center

This conference is partially funded under a grant from the US Dept. of Commerce #33-50-M09048 to the University of New Hampshire and NH’s Regional Planning Commissions

For information and to register:


Municipal officials, legislators, community leaders, internet service providers, representatives from business, health/ medical, education, and public safety sectors, & NH residents.


  • Understand the role of broadband for economic competitiveness, education, health care, governance, public safety, and overall quality of life in NH.
  • Highlight broadband accomplishments, future plans, and what is needed to ensure continued broadband support in NH.
  • Explore current and emerging broadband technologies.


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