New National Core Arts Standards to launch June 4

Help celebrate the unveiling of new national voluntary arts standards written for and by arts educators to support quality teaching and learning!

On June 4, 2014 the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards  will present new voluntary core arts standards and launch their new standards’ website (–the website is currently under construction and will not be available for viewing until June 4th).  The official launch will be from 1:00-3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. John Merrow, education reporter for PBS, will host the virtual launch. The attached messaging triangle provides more details about the production and review of these new arts standards. The standards-writing project officially broke ground October 31, 2011 at a joint meeting in Phoenix, Arizona of the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education and several national arts education service organizations. Over the pursuing years, the organizations worked steadfastly to complete this project.

These new, voluntary National Core Arts Standards are framed by artistic literacy, as outlined in philosophical foundations, lifelong goals, and artistic processes; articulated as anchor and performance standards that students should attain; and supported by instructional resources, including model cornerstone assessments that illustrate how literacy might be measured. The connective threads of this conceptual framework (attached) are designed to be understood by all stakeholders to ensure success for both educators and students.

These new national arts standards provide an opportunity for New Hampshire to look closely at this new work and discuss whether these arts standards might be a good fit for updating our state curricular framework in the arts. The current New Hampshire Curricular Framework for the Arts was adopted by the state board of education in 2001 and is based on the 1994 National Standards Arts Education. These 2014 national voluntary standards are one possible way to update and refresh the New Hampshire state curricular framework.

According to Ed 306.31 Arts Education, all schools must have a planned curriculum that is consistent with RSA 193-C:3, III (revised statute annotated 193-C3, III is a reference to NH curricula frameworks). Updating the state arts framework encourages all schools and districts to revise and update their arts curricula. Therefore, the question for our state is, “Is this the right set of arts standards to drive educational improvement for New Hampshire?

Next academic year, the New Hampshire Arts Learning Network will sponsor meet-ups, webinars, and discussions with this question in mind (dates and places forthcoming). You input is important. Please refer to the NHALN website for details or for more information contact Marcia McCaffrey at marcia.mccaffrey at

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