Science and Engineering State Data Tool for Educators and Policy Makers

The latest edition of the National Science Board’s Science and Engineering Indicators is out. The data-rich volume is what Science magazine called “a feast for policy wonks.”

A free public resource for education and state policymakers, the state data tool now has data available on individual states. It’s a valuable resource for policymakers, researchers, advocacy organizations, and others to see how your state stacks up and compares with other states. For many of the available indicators, you can follow trends over 20 years.

For elementary and secondary education, 15 indicators measure:

  • Student achievement in math and science
  • Public school expenditures
  • High school credentials

The State Data Tool has a wealth of tables, charts, and graphs – and allows users to view and customize the data in multiple ways.  Researchers can also conduct their own analysis and study, for example, possible interrelationships among different indicators.

Explore the Science and Engineering Indicators 2014

The State Data Tool has 59 indicators, including data on higher education, the workforce, R&D investments and activities, high-tech business activity.

Explore the entire Science and Engineering Indicators State Data Tool at

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