White House Focuses on Women at Annual Science Fair

This year’s White House Science Fair includes a special focus on girls and women who have excelled in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects as the administration looks to boost both interest in those areas and the gender ratios of the students who are studying them.

“Our job is to make sure that you’ve got everything you need to continue on this path of discovery and experimentation and innovation,” the president said.

More than 100 students representing 30-plus states are attending the fair, including 30 student teams that will be exhibiting their work. The projects range from cancer and flu research to robots that can search for bodies in cold, dangerous waters or improve the accuracy of basketball players’ shooting.

As part of the “Educate to Innovate” initiative, the White House is announcing a new $35 million Department of Education competition that will help further the White House goal of training 100,000 new STEM teachers, the expansion of the STEM AmeriCorps program to improve science and math education for 18,000 low-income students this summer, and a national STEM mentoring effort that will start in seven cities with technology, media and non-profit partners.

Watch the CBS News video at http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/obama-white-house-science-fair-more-important-than-seattle-seahawks-visit.

Read the entire article by Rebecca Kaplan and get a list of exhibits the president will view at this year’s White House Science Fair on CBS News at http://www.cbsnews.com/news/white-house-focuses-on-women-at-annual-science-fair/

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