OPEN NH Introduces Tech Skills Tutorial for Novice and Reluctant Users

Ten Technology Skills for Learning and Teaching, a 15-hour self-paced tutorial, is available online from OPEN NH.

Students in the 21st Century must be creative and resourceful critical thinkers, effective problem-solvers, and life-long learners. In order for students to be successful learners that have these skills, teachers must be effective and relevant in their learning and teaching.  They must be groundbreaking pioneers and visionary leaders in their schools and communities.  Pioneering leaders model good practices in their ability to use today’s tools and technologies productively, understand how to access and use information effectively, and commit to be active collaborators in our global society.  With so much to do every day, teachers often fall behind with their desires to keep up to date with the newest technologies and practices.  Lack of skills and basic understanding can often be frustrating and prevent individuals from using current technologies effectively.  In this OPEN NH tutorial, some basic skills necessary for effective use of technologies in the digital age are explored.  Ten basic technology skills that can help improve how novices or reluctant users understand and use technology, from basic hardware and productivity tools to web browsers and software applications.  This self-paced tutorial costs $75.00 and will allow a self paced exploration of these skills and at the time and pace that suits individual needs.  It will help increase individual comfort levels as users move from novice to beginner.  For more information and online registration, visit Districts may register cohorts of teachers in the tutorial at reduced cohort registration rates. For more information, visit or contact the OPEN NH Project Coordinator.


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