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Spotlight on Competency Based Education from iNACOL

iNACOL SUMMER SPOTLIGHT  COMPETENCY EDUCATION Frequently, competency education is described as simply flexibility in awarding credit or defined as an alternative to the Carnegie unit. Yet, this does not capture the depth of the transformation of our education system from … Continue reading

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Transformational Teaching from Edutopia

How to Be a Transformational Teacher  DOWNLOAD   4 Big Things Transformational Teachers Do See how you can change students’ lives with a little preparation. 5 Ways to Ease Back into School Discover strategies to focus on the possibilities, and get … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Speed Up Education Technology Policy Changes

Education technology policy may not change at the speed of light. But it can change faster if policymakers work through regulatory options, act on data and keep abreast of what’s going on with technology. That said, making changes faster doesn’t … Continue reading

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A Critical Look at Blended Learning

With all the hype about blended learning, higher education leaders are taking a closer look at how effective this learning method really is. In the process, they’re exposing a number of issues that need to be addressed, including how blended … Continue reading

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Jordan Goes to Washington

by Talley C. Westerberg On Friday June 20th, I received an email from my State Homeless Education Director, Dr. Lynda Thistle-Elliott, regarding an opportunity for a student that had experienced homelessness who had “beaten the odds”. The criteria for student … Continue reading

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Modernizing the E-rate Program for Schools and Libraries

FCC Modernizes E-Rate Program To Expand Robust Wi-Fi Networks In The Nation’s Schools and Libraries. Reforms to Expand Wi-Fi to 10 Million More Students, Thousands of Libraries Nationwide Next Year The following updates to the E-rate program were aimed at … Continue reading

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The Maver Movement Features on Edutopia

Making the Future Project-Based Learning Through a Maker’s LensSee how making can create life-long learners through exciting, real-world projects. 6 Strategies for Funding a Makerspace Discover some clever ways of creating a space without breaking the bank. Top Tools for … Continue reading

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More than 1M comments on net neutrality debate so far

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. companies, consumer advocates and citizens submitted more than 1 million comments to the Federal Communications Commission, drawing contentious divisions on the issue of net neutrality as the first deadline to comment approached Friday. The FCC will … Continue reading

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How Tests Make us Smarter

TESTS have a bad reputation in education circles these days: They take time, the critics say, put students under pressure and, in the case of standardized testing, crowd out other educational priorities. But the truth is that, used properly, testing … Continue reading

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How to Protect Student Data in Education

The issue of data privacy touches a nerve for many, triggering visions of an internet-era Big Brother beyond Orwell’s wildest predictions. And no privacy issue raises an emotional response—or requires a thoughtful approach—more than the sensitive information compiled about America’s … Continue reading

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