Updates to the Smarter Balanced Technology Pages

To prepare schools and districts across the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium for successful implementation of the Smarter Balanced assessment system, a variety of updates have been made to the Technology page of the Smarter Balanced website. The Technology page on SmarterBalanced.org has received a significant refresh. Perhaps most notably, the Technology Strategy Framework and Testing Device Requirements and accompanying Executive Summary have been updated to reflect the most current technology requirements for administration of the assessments. This report presents a framework for collective technology planning among the schools and districts of Consortium member states and emphasizes the critical need for technology to be used and integrated into instructional activities that support student learning. The Smarter Balanced Assessment System minimum requirements can be used as context and milestones for integrated technology used for teaching and learning.

Smarter Balanced has also developed a new page to provide schools and technology coordinators with a comprehensive list of Test-Taking Devices and Approved Secure Browsers. On both technology pages, you should check out the right navigation sidebar. There are highlighted resources developed by SETDA, CoSN, and ETS to help schools and districts prepare for their upcoming online assessments.

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