Future Ready Pledge Announcement from USDOE Office of Educational Technology

At the request of the Office of Educational Technology, US Department of Education, I wanted to share the following information with you.  This message is targeted to local school superintendents.  Please pass it along as appropriate, and consider taking the pledge.

Today the Office of Educational Technology, US Department of Education is releasing the Future Ready District Pledge, a roadmap to achieve success in the conversion to personalized digital learning and calling on education leaders like you to demonstrate your commitment to leading this transformation by signing the Pledge. Selected Future Ready District Pledge signatories will be invited to join us on Oct. 7th at the White House while others will participate digitally in a virtual signing ceremony.  Signatories will also be invited to attend Future Ready regional summits where they will learn more about the cutting edge of personalized digital learning, how to implement the technical infrastructure to support it, and how to access millions of dollars in funding to help actualize the commitments outlined in the Pledge.

As a leader you are on the forefront of the transition to personalized digital learning.  From the launch of the President’s ConnectED Initiative and the commitment of billions of dollars from the private sector, to the recent modernization of the federal E-Rate program, and the increased flexibility in federal funds, collectively we have made great strides in bringing high-speed connectivity to students across the country. The U.S. Department of Education is further committed to supporting you with new professional development tools and digital learning resources to build upon this foundation and help all schools and districts become #FutureReady.

We hope you will review and electronically sign the pledge today!

Thank you once again for your hard work helping our nation’s students become college, career, and Future Ready.


Seth Andrew
Senior Advisor, Educational Technology
Superintendent-in-Residence, Office of the Secretary

Future Ready FAQ

1. What is the Future Ready District Pledge?

The Future Ready District Pledge is a commitment by superintendents to work with educators, families, and community members to help achieve a district of Future Ready schools. The Future Ready District Pledge is designed to set out a roadmap to achieve successful personalized digital learning for every student and to commit districts to move as quickly as possible towards our shared vision of preparing students for success in college, careers and citizenship.

2. What are Future Ready Schools?

Future Ready schools successfully incorporate the infrastructure, devices, professional development, content and human capacity necessary to successfully implement the ConnectED Initiative and have become local exemplars of an effective transition to digital learning.

3. What do superintendents receive for taking the Future Ready District Pledge?

Superintendents will be invited to attend regional summits where best practices around digital learning leadership will be shared. Regional summit attendees may also have access to consulting services from leading information technology providers.

4. Why should a superintendent take the Future Ready District Pledge?

In addition to participation in the Regional Summits and consulting services, all pledging superintendents become part of an online community of Future Ready district leaders.

5. When does a superintendent take the pledge?

Superintendents can take the pledge via the Future Ready District Pledge page today! In addition, 100 select superintendents will take the pledge in-person during the Superintendents’ Summit at the White House. Superintendents nationwide will be able to view a livestream of the ceremony in their home district and virtually join the 100 superintendents in signing the Pledge.

6. I’m not a superintendent. How can I help to ensure my schools are Future Ready?

Please share the Future Ready District Pledge with your superintendent. Click here to share the Future Ready District Pledge.

7. What Future Ready resources are currently available?

The Office of Educational Technology’s website includes resources for Students and Families, Teachers, and District and State Leaders. In addition, several detailed guides will be released in conjunction with the Superintendents’ Summit.

8. Who should we contact with more questions?

For more information, please contact Seth Andrew, Superintendent in Residence, at superintendents [at] ed.gov

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