NEPC Announces the 9th Annual Bunkum Awards

The National Education Policy Center is pleased to announce the deserving winners of the 2014 BUNKUM AWARDS, recognizing the lowlights in education research over the past year. This marks our ninth year of handing out the Bunkums, and—judging by the bunk we’ve been reviewing—we’ll admit to feeling a little uneasy about the possibility that we may actually be enticing think tanks to produce awful reports. So, just to be clear to any think tank folks who may be reading this: receipt of these awards isn’t something to be proud of. Please stop competing to out-bunk one another.

This year’s awards announcement, available on the NEPC website, is hosted by Dr. David Berliner, the Regents’ Professor Emeritus and former dean of the College of Education at Arizona State University. Berliner, who debuted last year as our Bunkum host, is a member of the National Academy of Education and the International Academy of Education, a Fellow of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, a past president of the American Educational Research Association, and a widely recognized scholar of educational psychology and policy.

This year’s prizes are:

  • The Class Size Reductio ad Absurdum Award
  • The What the World Needs Now is Choice Sweet Choice Awards
  • The Back-Tracking via CTE Award
  • The It’s Never Too Early to Revise History Award

And last, and certainly least, this year’s Grand Prize goes to:

  • The Fractured Fraction Award for Using Erroneous Numerators and Denominators to Get Predetermined

Watch the video and review the awardees at

2014 Bunkum Awards on You Tube at

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